Case MailBasics

CaseMail Basics

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What It Is
CaseMail is a free service from the court. It will send e-mail updates about case activity for specific cases you have chosen to track. It will also send you a notification each time a selected court issues opinions. You can sign up for as many cases and/or courts as you like.
Disclaimer: CaseMail information is compiled and made available as a public service by the Court, but it is NOT a formal, official notice by the court. The Court makes no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for results obtained from the use of the information. Distribution of the information does not constitute such a warranty. Use of the information is the sole responsibility of the user. Note that the opinion database only contains more recent opinions, but is being expanded to include earlier years.
How It Works
The CaseMail System will send emails when events are posted to a case and/or when the court releases opinions.
Getting Started
Register. The first time you use CaseMail, you will be asked to set up a user ID. You will be asked to create a User ID and Password. You will also be asked for the e-mail address to which the CaseMail should be sent. No other information is required. Your e-mail address will only be used to send CaseMail to you as requested.
Case Tracking
Login. Use the case search feature on this site to locate the case you wish to track. Once you view the case, click the Add to CaseMail link, which is located just to the right of the information showing the case number, to add the case to your CaseMail Case Tracking list.
Each time you add a case, you will see a list of the cases you have chosen to track. You can also see your list of cases by going straight to the User Login screen. You can click the folder icon to see all case information and events on any of the cases you are tracking, without having to do a new case search from the main search screen.
Should you need further clarification regarding case information, please call the clerk's office.
To DELETE the CaseMail for a specific case, go to the Case Tracking page and click on the Delete icons.
Opinion Tracking
Login. Click the 'on/off' button to the left of the court's name to change between "Yes" and "No" concerning your choice of whether to receive e-mail when opinions are issued.

Updated: 26-Apr-2010

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