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How do I stop ALL casemail notifications?
To stop receiving all CaseMail notifications you will need to change your account status from Active to In-Active. To do this, click the My Account link in the Case Mail navigation section. Log in to your account and in the Edit Your Member Profile section, select In-Active from the Status dropdown list. Click the Save button and you will no longer receive any CaseMail email.
Why am I still receiving CaseMail notifications if I unsubscribed?
You may have created multiple CaseMail user login accounts with the same email address. Make sure to unsubscribe from all CaseMail user accounts.
If you need help finding any additional user accounts you may have associated with your email, please contact the CaseMail administrator.
I signed up for case tracking/opinion tracking but I haven't received any notices?
Please check your email's SPAM filter. Also, make sure that the email you registered with is valid/correct.

Updated: 30-May-2013

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