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efiling by Parties  

Beginning January 1, 2014, all attorneys in civil and criminal cases are required to file all documents (except a document submitted under seal or subject to a motion to seal) with the Court through the eFileTexas.gov electronic filing system. Persons not represented by an attorney may eFile documents, but eFiling is not required. (See Final eFiling Rules)

Attention Attorneys:   eFileTexas.gov has replaced Texas.gov as the eFiling manager for all Texas Courts. Effective Monday, November 25th, 2013 the court will be accepting e-filings only through efiletexas.gov. If you already file through Texas.gov and have selected a service provider, you should contact the provider for any changes to expect when using eFileTexas.gov. If you do not already e-file, please select a service provider to begin the process. Additionally, beginning 11/25/13, the court will no longer accept American Express. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover will continue to be accepted.

Filing Docketing Statements
When filing a docketing statement, please access the statement located under Forms in the "Practicing Before the Court" section on our website. After completing the form, save it as a PDF file. The form needs to be saved as a pdf in order for it to be submitted through the eFileTexas.gov electronic filing system. To save the file as a pdf, click on File then Print. Under printer, select Adobe PDF and then click Print. A screen will appear "Save PDF File As" and you can then save the file. The docketing statement is now ready to be electronically submitted.

The Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas at Dallas was formally opened on September 4, 1893. There was a Chief Justice and two Associate Justices until 1978 (85 years) when three additional Justices were authorized. In 1981, criminal jurisdiction was added and six additional justices. In 1983, an additional justice position was created and the present configuration is 12 Justices and one Chief Justice. Statewide, there are a total of 80 Appellate Court Justices.

TRIAL COURT CLERKS AND REPORTERS. All records, copies of notices of appeal and extension requests in electronic form must be filed via the TAMES Records Submission Portal. You must request an account from the OCA Portal to electronically upload files.

To view or print PDF files you must have the Adobe Acrobat® reader. This software may be obtained without charge from Adobe. Download the reader from the Adobe Web site.

Updated: 28-Mar-2014

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